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Is it possible to be brilliantly bold and yet serene? Understated and yet forward-thinking? What could seem contradictory is somehow gracefully achieved by Grain, a Bainbridge Island, Washington-based design studio. Their latest collection is “inspired by a recent residency experience in Northeastern Oregon.” According to James and Chelsea Minola, the founders of this collection of modern handmade goods, the experience left them invigorated and ready to create. “We were so energized by this new, but also familiar landscape. We endeavored to capture some of the quiet drama of that wilderness in our new work.” Any creative endeavor designed to evoke ‘quiet drama’ has to be good. As you will see, what resulted is a collection that flows with powerful geometric shapes, perfect for the modern home.

Their latest collection consists of lighting and furniture inspired by rivers and crop circles. Hemp, wood, bronze, wool and glass all make an appearance. Enjoy this creative feast and then head over to Grain to learn more and purchase.



Lands Rug: A large braided wool rug made using the same fabrication technique as our Pool Rug series, but with a form inspired by aerial landscapes and crop circles. Handmade in New England by a mill with 30 years of manufacturing experience, each rug is braided and sewn to order using natural undyed Canadian wool.


Vale Sconce: A strikingly large sconce composed of a crisp bronze mirror and frosted glass globe.

Stitch Round Mirror Extra Large:  Water-jet cut mirror hand stitched to its backing with hemp twine. Made to order, allowing hemp colors to be fully customized. New extra large diameter.

Snake Screen A large screen composed of solid wood posts, hand cut hinges and bronze sheet. The form evokes prayer flags or a snaking river. The blue color of the bronze is achieved through a custom patination process. As each screen is made to order, custom dimensions and finishes are possible.

About the brand: Grain is a design practice dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. Our work unites current manufacturing technologies and age-old craft techniques. Goods are produced in small batch runs at our island studio or through special collaborations with expert artisans in the US and abroad.
James and Chelsea Minola met during a Wintersession course in Guatemala while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design and quickly learned that they had quite a bit of personal history in common: Both grew up in Southern California and had family living on an island in the Puget Sound. The pair also shared an ambition to make a positive impact with their design educations by dedicating their practice to social and environmental responsibility.

Saddle Stool A u-shaped multi-sided sculpture that can be used in any orientation as a stool or side table. Fabricated of precision cut and welded bronze for indoor and outdoor use. As each stool is made to order, custom dimensions and finishes are possible.

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