Shops We Love: Handmade by Dear Human

I found Dear Human on Instagram and my curiosity got the best of me. What exactly was I seeing? The handmade lights, for instance, looked well-designed but there was something unusual about their construction. Then I read the about page and the lighting description and I got it: paper pulp! How cool is that? The entire collection of goods in Jasna and Noel’s Dear Human shop relies on their devotion to using sustainable materials to create modern and fresh handmade home goods. I love this shop and you will too. I’m not going to share all the details about these cool pieces with you. You need to explore the shop for yourselves. For example, here’s a mystery for you: what are those hexagons? Find out here.

About the brand:
Dear Human studio is focused on creating unusual, sustainable and functional objects and experiences. Our works are designed and made by us in our Montreal studio, and occasionally by other local makers. We enjoy collaborating with architects, artists, interior designers, and industrial designers to realize our projects. We offer original and thoughtful designs that can be customized to enrich any environment.

Dear Human originated from the mutual desire to create joy through unexpected moments in everyday environments. Though it began as an urban intervention practice, this desire has carried through as we’ve continued to explore new materials and forms, drifting from fine art into design concepts. Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to thoughtful material use, and projects often begin with playful experimentation with industrial castoffs and scrap materials to see where they can go.

Before meeting at an artist residency in Denmark in 2008, we lived varied lives in other worlds. Jasna grew up in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. When war broke out in the 1990s, her studies in architecture were interrupted and led to her immigration to Canada. There, she took the opportunity to change course and studied fine arts, graduating from Emily Carr University. Noel left his native United States after university to study in Thailand and China, where he immersed himself in Asian cultures and became fluent in Thai and Mandarin. After several years, he returned to the U.S. to complete his MFA at Rhode Island School of Design, with a focus in ceramics and sculpture.

Dear Human