Modern Handmade Jewelry by Maddalena Bearzi

Maddalena Bearzi creates the kind of modern handmade jewelry that must be seen to be believed. Creating a collection that mixes both intricately designed textiles and meticulously crafted metal elements is no easy feat, yet Maddalena manages to do it with a distinctive elegance. Her work is both minimal and expressive, drawing you in to take a closer look. I can speak from personal experience: these are exceptionally well-designed pieces. I have a few and I love them all.

Maddalena is an artist with a background in biology and a deep love for nature. Her design perspective is informed by both and make her collection truly one-of-a-kind. let’s get to know this Inner Circle member better.

How did this journey begin for you?

Gradually… I began making nature-inspired jewelry by joining textiles with unique solid elements such as upcycled metals, vintage charms and natural stones. These textile-based creations have then expanded to include one of a kind, organic metal jewelry. In my metal jewelry, each piece is individually handcrafted, mostly in fine and reclaimed silver and gold. I also like to incorporate bronze, brass and copper to create original shapes, textures and distinctive color tones.

What led you to jewelry design?

My passion for nature and story-telling. This passion found expression, first in drawings animals and plants, and later on, in writing, photography and jewelry making.

I have always loved your blend of texture and shapes. How have you developed your technique?

Observing nature, reading books about great artists working in different media and… making mistakes while handcrafting a piece. Also, my technique changes all the time because I constantly like to explore new methods and materials.

Maddalena Bearzi organic jewelry is inspired by the magnificent natural world around us, a world to not only appreciate but also protect. A deep respect of nature, a passion for the discovery of different cultures, textures and materials, and a commitment to ethical and environmentally-friendly practices are at the heart of this handmade, one of a kind jewelry line. Using methods and materials that avoid depleting or destroying the Earth’s resources, Maddalena Bearzi pieces exemplify that style and sustainability go hand in hand.

Maddalena Bearzi began making jewelry by joining sustainable textiles with distinctive solid elements such as repurposed metals, upcycled vintage charms and natural stones, to reveal unique and texturized pieces. Textile-based creations have expanded to a focus on one of a kind, organic metal jewelry. Each piece is individually handcrafted, mostly of fine & reclaimed silver and gold, with precious and semi-precious stones. Maddalena Bearzi also incorporates bronze, brass and copper by using innovative metalsmithing techniques to create original shapes, textures and subtle color tones. Handmade limited editions, such as the acqua, ariapianeta and terra collections further the exploration of natural themes translated into striking, coordinated pieces.

Maddalena Bearzi is an Italian jewelry artist, marine biologist and writer. Born in Verona, Italy into an artistic family, she has traveled extensively studying wild animals and learning new ways to express herself. She began to pursue her passion for jewelry craftsmanship on her own, and later studied metalsmithing at the University of California, Los Angeles. Maddalena has learned techniques from master silversmith and jeweler Gordon Wainwright and from world-recognized jewelry artist Harold O’Connor. Her jewelry draws from her experiences in other artistic media such as paint and textiles. Maddalena’s work has been exhibited in galleries and art shows.

“One of the biggest challenges is making people understand the true value of your handmade work.”

What challenges have you faced as an independent creative?

One of the biggest challenges is making people understand the true value of your handmade work.

What advice would you give to jewelry designers just starting on their journey?

Work hard, be passionate, be original, and always follow your dreams.

What sets you apart from other jewelers?

The connection between my work as a jeweler and my work as a marine biologist. My writing, my drawings, my photographs and my books have always been linked to science and the natural world; jewelry is not different.

Sum up your personal style in 5 words.

One-of-a-kind, organic, sustainable, stylish, comfortable

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