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VOLUMN #1 • April 18, 2020

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. — Albert Ein­stein


↑ Looking for a project to get your through isolation and beyond? How about a tiny house. Get a copy of the Walden plans for just $99. I’m in love with this tiny house. [Source]

Floydhome answers one of life’s toughest questions: how to hide your television while working from home. [Source]

This former iron foundry conversion is high on our list of must-see homes. Architect Ravi Raj turns this late 19th century structure into an idyllic and serene retreat. [Source]

The Local Project has a stunning ongoing series on the origin of tile in Japan. [Source]

Why am I #TeamBigcartel all the way, every day, forever? Because they do things like this: create a $50k fund to help indie artists. [Source]

Coco Lapine showcased this stunning turn of the century apartment and now I’m ready to move in. [Source]

I like to follow Florian Gadsby because I like beautiful ceramics and he takes images of them that are worth of framing. Let his vision fill your feed. [Source]

If you love to travel like I do but also have the good sense to keep your fanny at home, just take a trip with the Sartorialist.  I hope I meet this diva when I’m in Paris again. [Source]

Yes, these handmade earrings from Shamus Handmade are the coolest I’ve seen all week. Makers gonna make. [Source]

Budapest-based Sansless Studio is working on a typeface and it has experienced a bit of weight loss. Looking good! I want this! [Source]

Matthew Hilton Studio made a watch and it was good. This is a portfolio worth spending an hour or so enjoying. [Source]

I feel like Jeff Sheldon, aka UGMONK, never sleeps. Or if he does, he has the best dream-weaving machine in his head. There’s some new journals in his shop with the most unusual binding I’ve ever seen. Make one with a vegan cover and I’m on it. [Source]

I had the privilege of interviewing the owners of Youmeus Design for Minimalissimo. What a stunning portfolio of human-centered products. [Source]

↑ Melbourne-based Neighbourhood Studio is the brain child of Sculptor Lucas Wearne. The geometric beauties he creates are so captivating and will make you want to bring them all into your home. [Source]

Charlotte Miller is turning out graceful ceramic art. How many of these would make it across the ocean to Hawaii? [Source]

↑ by Humankind has a mouthwash that is all natural, comes in sustainable and renewable packaging in a number of colors, and one of them is orange. Want. [Source]

Architect Arno Brandlhuber turns a A former lingerie factory into a lakeside retreat. That’s not a pool in front of that sofa. Or is it? [Source]

Minnie Driver found reached the end of Netflix and almost lived to tell about it.  [Source]

Hunter & Folk should be on your daily reading list. I love finding another blog with tons of indie artists. That’s how I discovered Neighborhood studio mentioned above. Give this fantastic resource a look.  [Source]

Need some type-adjacent reading? Who else by Hoefler&Co can round up some perfect recommended reading for all you type lovers! [Source]

I really hope small local shops like Yowie survive this coronavirus madness. Lear more about the owner over at Dims. [Source]

Nae is my favorite vegan shoe line at the moment and I’m kinda ready to trade my Birks for these Daros Toe Loop sandles. I visited Nae in Portugal last month and loved every minute of it. [Source]

I’m thinking that Bumblebee was named after the Transformer. How else can you explain how well the name fits this space-transforming system? Prepared to be wowed.  [Source]

Right now, I am obsessed with Julian Montague’s paintings. How can geometric shapes make me so giddy? Take a look and see. [Source]

Floydhome answers one of life’s toughest questions: how to hide your television while working from home. [Source]

I love what Jars of Dust is offering to local residents. I think other pottery studios should do the same.  [Source]

I really feel like the center of the interior design and architecture blogging universe is swirling around Australia and New Zealand. Est Living has been doing it well for a while now and I’m always impressed with the houses they showcase. This Balmoral Blue House by esoteriko is no exception. [Source]

↑ Another artist that should be on your radar: Luisa Salas. Her bold work is powerful. I really hope she comes back after COVID-19 with a shop full of her amazing work. We’re rooting for you, Luisa!  [Source]