Kati Forner

The Kati Forner website was designed in collaboration between Kati Forner and Zhenya Rynzhuk.

Kati Forner: “Kati has more than 12 years experience bringing brands to their fullest expression through identity, print, digital design and production. Starting her design career in Chicago, Kati brought her deep understanding of contemporary and classical design to some of the city’s most innovative agencies.

Five years ago, she packed up her creative studio and headed to Los Angeles to continue crafting elegant, comprehensive identities in beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Kati’s work is regularly recognized by design publications for its elegant, minimalist aesthetic and timeless style.

Zhenya Rynzhuk: “I’m Zhenya — Art Director with an architectural background. I love everything that has to do with product & visual design, mobile & web projects as well as branding, typography, and animations. With my solid industry experience, I know how to help clients solve real business cases and grow their businesses by using design thinking.”