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Welcome to The Digest, a weekly look at what is cool in architecture, art, craft, graphic design, fashion, food and more. I’d love to hear your recommendations for things to feature, so please leave a note in the comments. All images are linked to their sources, so click and discover.

The humble luxury brand Eyn Vas dropped some real gems in their latest collection. The NEW NAU pants in Manta Gray (1) look so comfortable. The entire collection is a model of subdued hues and luxury.

Looking for a fresh print? Try this Herron Print from Jonathan Lawes (2) via Artists & Objects. Inspired by the Southbank Center in London and the architects and designers behind it’s construction in the 1950s, this handsome print would look great in a modern setting

Besides having the grooviest branding, Wonder Valley has a Seaweed body scrub (3) that sounds like luxury in a tube. Has anyone tried their olive oil? I hope it tastes as good as it looks. Wonder Valley has a great newsletter, so be sure to sign up for it.

If you hang around the IAMTHELAB HQ long enough, you will discover that I am a diehard EBTG fan. Their greatest production might just be Tracey and Ben’s son Blake Watt and his band Family Stereo. Really loving his latest single I Knew I Loved You Then! (4) Find it on Apple Music and Spotify. (Don’t forget to listen to the IAMTHELAB Playlist for calm vibes of the musical kind. Updated regularly on Apple Music.)


Tiny and small home design continues to evolve, with more companies and designers creating livable spaces that are both functional and stylish. Such is the case with the Câpsula tiny homes (5) I discovered via i29. The designers behind the homes are asking a simple question: To be happy, how much do we need? Their answer is to design homes with a small footprint and just the right mix of amenities and style.

I had no idea I needed a turtleneck with a pocket, but I do now, thanks to All We Remember. (6) This organic cotton marvel is natually dyed with plant-derived indigo provided by the folks at Green Matters Natural Dye Company, based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA.

I cannot think of a design studio that personifies sustainable future-forward design like Grain Design. I have been a fan since I first started IAMTHELAB back in 2012 and I want to hopefully introduce them to a new audience. This Arch Drinks Table (7) highlights both the versatility of Portuguese cork and Grain Designs ability to turn the ordinary into something monumental. Learn more about Chelsea and James Minola, the founders of Grain Design here.

Seedlip has introduced a new flavor to its collation of alcohol-free spirits: Notas de Agave. (8) Described as “a vibrant and refreshing blend of Prickly Pear, zesty Lime and Agave flavors with notes of Vanilla, Damiana flower and Peppercorn”, this sounds like the foundation of a new breed of brain-fog free cocktails.

Another longtime maker, Pigeon Toe Ceramics has lated through the busts and booms, still making their colorful and fun handmade ceramics. Their Disc Chimes (9) come in 6 colors and honestly, I want them all.


Having just returned from Barcelona, I was able to get my hands on the twentieth issue of Openhouse Magazine and issue 21 will be available soon. (10) Openhouse is one of my favorite magazines, with modern design and architecture at the forefront. This issue is entitled In Praise of Folly and I think we could all use a little bit more folly in our lives. Definitely worth adding to your design library.

Can a pitcher be a work of art? Absolutely it can be and surely is, thanks to Jono Smart and Emily Stephen. (11) This hand thrown jug is made from grey clay and featured a warm grey matte glaze. It’s not just a minimalistic objet d’art; it’s meant to be used and enjoyed.

Designed in partnership with Boston’s award-winning sake bar The Koji Club, (12) this sienna-colored sake cup from Myrth comes in a set of two. It comes in 4 other colors: cream, glacier, sungold and ivy. Looks like it could be a perfect little tea cup as well.

Since jumping back into blogging, I’ve discovered so many great platforms for discovering modern art and craft. Without a doubt, Objects With Narratives is one of the best. Connecting online curation with offline exhibitions, Objects With Narratives opens new worlds of style to their visitors. One recent highlight is the work of Laurids Gallee. Laurids created a custom 7-piece collection for Objects With Narratives called “Hazy Gymnastics”. (13) These resin pieces capture light in the most ethereal way. You can see these pieces with their internal lighting source here.

Vegan accessories are the specialty of Lee Coren and she really knows how to make modern pieces that are both stylish and functional. Take for example her Wanderlust Rollmop in Camel (14) is the perfect example of the way Lee blends function with fashion. That bag looks like it is ready to go places!


I featured CW&T’s journal (15) on my 7 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity post. It’s hard to deny that big, fluorescent, screen-printed yellow dot on the cover. It has a layflat exposed spine and you can get it as a two pack. It comes in grey and white.

Simplicity and elegance: two words that describe Mary MacGill’s jewelry collection. Take a look at this Amber Ring (16) as an example. Thin gold wire turns this translucent beauty into wearable art. It’s understated and yet commanding, a true thing of quiet resplendence.

OK, there is good news and bad news for fans of Acid League’s edible goodness, like their Umami Miso Shortcut Sauce. (17) The good news is that you can find it at your local Whole Foods. The bad news is that their online shop is closed and I don’t have a Whole Foods on my island in the Pacific. I better bring a bigger bag with me on my next trip to the continent.

The Volume Trouser from Shaina Mote have that wondrous blend of pleats and flow. (18) They look so relaxed and comfortable. The perfect pant to transition from spring to summer. You will get lost in the lux over in that sublime shop of well-made clothes and accessories.

On my desk right now is the Analog system from Ugmonk. (19) As I have stated recently, writing things down can be an advantage for the creative mind. This smartly designed system helps you get organized and hopefully stay that way. Ugmonk has survived All The Things and is still going strong, thanks to the integrity, creativity, and graciousness of its founder Jeff Sheldon. A small business worth supporting.


One of my favorite discoveries of 2023 has been Imperfects, Mike Lynch’s San Diego-based skate, surf, and apparel brand. These particular pants, the 523L Pant (20) takes post-consumer denim to the next level. Made in conjunction with the New Denim Project of Guatemala, the 523L pant is made from mismatched denim and is a blend of virgin cotton and completely up-cycled denim.

I continue to marvel at the well-curated goods that The OEN continues to showcase. Case in point: the stunning work of Japanese woodworker Toshifumi Momose. (21) These stunning wood vessels are meant to be used and cherished. You have to click over and take a slow look at these incredible creations.


Lastly, this table. I think I must have stared at the screen for at least 30 seconds, trying to take in the magnificent splendor of the DC2333 table by Vincenzo De Cotiis (22), discovered over at the sophisticated and well-curated Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Made from black onyx, hand-painted recycled fiberglass, cast white bronze, and antiqued cast white bronze, this is a table fit for a queen. Go gawk at it.

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