The Ways of Water: Stillness

Our lives are filled with resplendent moments spent watching the miracle that we call water. Flowing through and over our lives, we find it simmering and falling into the deepest spaces and places. Surrendering to it as we first discover and come to appreciate our buoyancy. Liquid life ignites seeds, and on emerging, verdant and excited, reach out to the light above. We plant our feet in the places where water-soaked earth bears grass, creating a carpet of green that yields to touch.

Each of us has a way of looking at this living liquid and finding both life and inspiration. For me, when I contemplate water in all of its forms, still water is the one that mesmerizes me the most.

Still water is not listless or stagnant. There is energy there, life below, placid above. Rhythm and movement, hidden by depths, present yet out of sight. Gentle and tranquil, but still embodying all that water can so powerfully do. Surfaces, shapes by outer forces, constantly changing and shifting but never disturbed. Absorbing what touches it without changing its state. Alive, breathing, powerful, still.

There are many days where I think to myself: this is who I want to be. Perhaps, you too have wished for the calmness that water can so potently embody. This state is not one of impotence; it is a choice, controlled yet free. Finding this kind of homeostasis feels elusive and on most days, evasive.

Perhaps the journey to this inner sanctuary can be learned from the very substance that sustains us. Is there an education in the liquid that we often treat as an endless resource? What if, like rested water, we can find that duality? The outer calm and inner simmer. Not restless, but rested, while the mind ponders and savors all the colors of emotions that make us such unique creatures.

It’s not just water in stillness that offers lessons. It is water in motion, bursts of rainfall, dancing to the sounds of thunderous percussion and the most electric of light shows. Rivers that roll, chasing the earth and forcing solid rock to yield and change. Who can deny the power found in the way that water washes away a day’s worth of wariness? In all the ways that water rules us, it teaches us.

In this learning, we may find the way forward.

In our next lesson, we’ll ponder some of the most incredible formations of water: the wonders of precipitation.

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  • Jessica
    4 April, 2024at 1:37 pm

    absolutely gorgeous writing. you guide the reader to transcend to a beautiful & meditative place. thank you for returning to blogging <3

    1. Brett Torrey Haynes Author
      Brett Torrey Haynes
      4 April, 2024at 4:30 pm

      Thanks! Feels good to be writing for the sheer joy of it again.

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