There is Another Internet



There is another internet. Despite what you’ve heard or observed. There is another internet.

There are beautiful spaces adorned with stunning interiors, designed to inspire and excite those looking for a place to land.

There is another internet.

Places dedicated to minimalism, take it or leave it, designers to move you to sit quietly in deep contemplation, surrounded by the austere starkness of concrete and simplicity.

There is another internet.

Expertly curated spaces that allow you to spin from architecture to photography, touching everything as you go, leaving finger prints and wish lists in your wake.

There is another internet.

Catalogs of modernity, so chocked full of wonder that you will lose yourself in its pages and maybe find a little joyful glee in the depths of design that still seems to flow with ease from some brilliant-brained wunderkinds.

There is another internet.

Encyclopedias of well-lived spaces, showcasing photographs that encourage you to slow your pace and match the flow of honey-hued spaces and well-loved places.

There is another internet.

Plateaus worth climbing because they show you pixel after pixel of ingeniously-conceived portals.

There is another internet.

Vistas of visuals saturated with brilliantly birthed parcels and packages. Places where the discourse is as rich as the treasures on display.

There is another internet.

Homes to insights filtered through light and flowing with fauna intentionally arranged as art and miracles.

Images by TL via Unsplash

There is another internet. You just forgot about it or never knew about it or never dreamed about it or never stopped to wonder where the love of this miraculous platform went. Maybe today, the other internet will become your internet and our internet and the internet.

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