What to Do in Barcelona

ˌbar-se-lo-na Barcelona is one of our favorite cities. It’s full of art, artists, makers, museums, architecture, shops, boutiques, and, without a doubt, some of the very best vegan food on the planet. Here’s what we loved.


Is there another city that is as enjoyable to walk as Barcelona? It was designed that way and it shows. The incredible Gothic and modern architecture and the abundance of shops makes it a great place to put feet to the ground and get moving. The people are friendly and welcoming. It is truly a city worth visiting again and again.


One of our favorite things about Barcelona is the culinary scene. This city is especially generous with the vegan and plant-based offerings. Whether you are looking to keep a healthy glow with fresh juices, salads, and smoothies, or looking for something indulgent, Barcelona has it all. Best of all, if you treat yourself, you can walk it off!


I have been gluten-free since 2006 and it amazes me to see how far the innovations have progressed. However, there has been one item that I simply could not find a good alternative for: a yeasty doughnut. Then I went to Hanai Vegana and lost my mind. Everything is amazing, gluten-free, and made from whole-food ingredients, but that donut will balance your checkbook and improve your credit score! This is the best gluten-free and vegan bakery in the world. Google Maps / Apple Maps

2. Honest greens

If you are looking for beautifully conceived plates of plant-based goodness, Honest Greens is for you. We’ve eaten at a few of the locations in Barcelona and we never leave disappointed. The interior decor is fantastic, the service is great, and don’t forget to fill up at the H2O bar. With a seasonal menu that includes things like Cinnamon Tahini Pumpkin and the best herbed tofu on the planet, Honest Greens is a must-go. This is probably one of the few restaurant chains that could branch out to other countries. They have a location opening in London soon, joining spots in Madrid, Lisbon, Porto, and Valencia. Can you tell I’m a fan? Google Maps / Apple Maps


We found Micha on the last full day we spent in Barcelona last year. What makes Micha so special is two things. First, the food is fresh and delicious, with plenty of salads and cook food items for a reasonable price. The second reason to love this place is the owner and chef, Micha. She is gracious, kind, and generous. We definitely plan on going back again and often on our next trip to Barcelona. Google Maps / Apple Maps


Located close to the Sant Antoni neighborhood, this gluten-free, vegan and organic bakery is a must-visit. Not only are the baked treats delicious, the staff is friendly and patient. I had a slice of sausage pizza here that went down way too easy. Google Maps / Apple Maps


Speaking of pizza, the Flax & Kale nestled in the lower portion of the Yurbban Passage hotel has a dedicated, gluten-free pizza oven. You can customize the toppings to your liking and then watch as the pizza is prepared right in the center of the restaurant. Talk about building anticipation! What I really loved about this beautiful space is the variety of dishes that they prepare so well. There is also an assortment of grab-and-go items, as well as an exceptional dessert selection. Google Maps / Apple Maps

Here are a few more places to check out:


From museums to shops, Barcelona offers so many opportunities to expand your perspective. This city allows you to find something new to appreciate. Best of all, it provides the canvas to connect with the people who are driving the creative engine of this beautiful city. Here are some of my favorite shops and boutiques in Barcelona.


I’ve followed HEY Studio for years, so it was a treat to step foot in their Barcelona shop. If you are looking for bold and refreshing graphic art prints, clever office supplies, and modern home goods, this is the shop for you. I recommend the prints and this notebook. Google Maps / Apple Maps


Lurdes Bergada offers contemporary clothings made in Barcelona. I have a jacket and pants purchased at their Barcelona store that I adore. The staff at the El Born store is friendly and the collection features natural materials and is refreshed seasonally. These clothes feel good and look great. Google Maps / Apple Maps


An innovative shop full of modern goods made from recycled materials. NoThrow helps you to see the potential that exists when you remix already-existing materials. The home goods, especially the lighting, are clear examples of the create way artists and makers are giving new life to old materials. Google Maps / Apple Maps


We went crazy at Espai POVO. Featuring handmade and locally made goods from Barcelona, there are too many amazing things here. With two stores, one for men and one for women, right next to each other, expect to find some very unique finds. Google Maps / Apple Maps

Here are a few more shops and boutiques to check out:

Will I go to Barcelona again? Well, I’ve been 3 times now and can’t resist the allure of this city. There is so much to do; so much good and youthful energy, I feel like it’s becoming my second home. There are still attractions and streets to explore. You may just see me wondering the streets again in the spring of 2025.

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