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VOLUMN #2 • October 2020

Cre­ativ­ity is that mar­velous capa­city to grasp mutu­ally dis­tinct real­it­ies
and draw a spark from their jux­ta­pos­i­tion. — Max Ernst


↑ The signature Ohhio look was created in 2015 by designer Anna Marinenko (whose superhero name is Anna Mo), totally by accident. She knitted a stripe of wool using her arms instead of needles — just for fun, snapped some photos of the chunky result, and put them up online. A bunch of media like Huffington Post, Mashable, Business Insider, etc. have reposted Anna’s photos and their response convinced her that this style is destined to be huge.

In December 2015, Ohhio successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign and brought chunky knit to the mainstream. Since then, Ohhio has developed Braid — the particular kind of yarn for arm-knitting and received the Red Dot design awards for the yarn and the products made of it.

Braid is a soft material that creates a chunky knit in any form. The idea to create something like Braid came to us when we realized just how many messages we were getting from people who either wanted to start arm knitting but found the merino wool difficult to work with or those who couldn’t work with merino because of a wool allergy. We saw that there was a real need to find a suitable substitute for our merino wool to use in Ohhio’s signature chunky knit. With Braid, we found it.

At its most basic level, Braid is a seamless cotton tube with pillow-style filling. When combined in just the right amount makes for a plush and pliable material that’s easy to learn for any arm knitting newbie and opens up exciting new possibilities for the experienced crafters. Find it here. ☞

Simple and functional, the wall-mounted Studio Roller easily dispenses butchers kraft paper rolls so you can design the next dish on the menu, plan your day or get creative.  Find it here. ☞


Aestetico by Latinotype: This beautiful font explores 3 very individual styles of one typeface. Each style pays homage to classic sans serif typefaces while adding contemporary flair to its characteristics. With both formal and informal styles, Aestetico explores how the shapes and curves of letters change their perception and focus. The informal letters are rounder and quirkier while the formal style utilizes more traditional sans serif letterforms. The whole set (54 styles) consists of 3 sister families, each in 9 weights with matching italics. Find it here. ☞

Fueled by friendship and a desire to push each other through a drought of creativity, Victor Lytvinenko, Master Jeansmith and Co-Founder of Raleigh Denim Workshop, and Corey Mason teamed up to co-create this new limited-edition collection.

Inspired by the chaos and unpredictability of nature, they set off to toss some seeds in a field and see what grows. Their explorations resulted in a modern, floral-themed collection that is a perfect balance of art and craft. Find it here. ☞

70 fonts recommended for maps, and inspired by mapmaking. Find it here. ☞

The Coolest Modern RVs, Trailers and Campers Find it here. ☞

Drift, Volume 10 shines a spotlight on York City’s most famous borough: Manhattan. Find it here. ☞

Six new relief works are now available for purchase in the Krisina Krogh online shop. The relief works are created from wood, plaster and acrylics. These works are unique and there are only one of each. The works are signed on the back and framed in handmade oiled oak frames. Find it here. ☞

Day is a minimalist wall clock with an iconic design and understated elegance. Simon Legald has paid close attention to detail in this exclusive wall clock, giving it a discreet three-dimensional effect, which makes the Day clock interesting to observe from different angles. Find it here. ☞

Mia Mélange products are all handcrafted in our studio in central Stellenbosch by our talented team, women from our local community. Because everything is made by hand, no two products will ever be exactly the same. Find it here. ☞

Issue Nº4 of The Local Project is a substantial volume of over 330 pages of articles, interviews and photography. Including new projects by Richards & Spence, Studiofour, Room11, Templeton Architecture, and Brad Swartz Architects among others, Issue Nº4 also represents the first time that veteran Australian architect Paul Couch’s work has been published in print. Profiles of Rufus Knight of Knight Associates, grazia&co, Shannon McGrath and more are also included. Find it here. ☞

Surface is excited to announce the launch of Design Dose, their shoppable platform for covetable, special-edition, and must-have pieces of design. Find it here. ☞

Designed by architect Ryan Stephenson of Stephenson Design Collective and built by Mark Rylant of Buildhouse, a new multidisciplinary build studio specializing in modern prefab and custom designs, this Scandinavian-inspired cabin is perfectly minimal from the standing-seam metal roof to the spacious interior. Find it here. ☞

Join publisher Milkweed Editions and readers around the world (nearly 700 guests have already registered!) for a hopeful and inspiring event celebrating writers and the power of books in our lives. Find it here. ☞

After an eight-year stint in London, where she studied fashion, designer and entrepreneur Akosua Afriyie-Kumi returned to her native Ghana in 2014 to launch her brand AAKS. With AAKS, Afriyie-Kumi wanted to center the importance of hand-making by presenting her take on Ghana’s weaving traditions to a global audience. Find it here. ☞

Nestled among the pine and fir trees on a ski hill in Truckee, California, Lookout House by Faulkner Architects pays homage to the site’s geological history. Find it here. ☞

Wooden Spoon Herbs offers vibrant, Earth-attuned, scientifically-backed and herbalist-formulated plant medicine. Find it here. ☞

Conrad Architects designs the Toorak Garden Residence, a contemporary, new build home in Melbourne inspired by the European garden villa typology. Find it here. ☞

A Powder-Blue Slide Adds Whimsy to This Family-Centric Duplex in Toronto Find it here. ☞

Something & Nothing seltzers are made with natural juices, extracts and botanicals. Find it here. ☞

VOLK Furniture’s New Lineup Defies the Fast-Consumption Mentality.

With a poised approach, the Brooklyn studio introduces a trio of timeless new pieces that riff on the studio’s existing lineup yet playfully depart from it. Find it here. ☞

Introducing the October 2020 Guest Editors’ Issue of Wallpaper*

Access a free download of the October 2020 Issue of Wallpaper* magazine. Find it here. ☞

Have Your Own A-Frame for a Night at New York’s Eastwind Catskills Retreat. Find it here. ☞

Extinct Animals Journal Set by Moooi Bring back the fun of pen and paper with our refined stationery. The Extinct Animals Journal Set consists of five beautifully adorned notebooks, a pencil set and postcards. Great for gifting someone, or yourself, the thrill of adventure and imagination. Find it here. ☞